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Crossing Over

Crossing Over

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Harry Ergott has been drawing and painting nudes from models for years, first at graphic school in Vienna and now in his studio.

One senses that he finds it easy as he works to fit his personal impression of the model to the brushstrokes. His years of practice in drawing nudes during lessons is an excellent basis for the constant care he takes in his relationship to his counterpart, sometimes powerfully and sometimes discreetly. In his choice of colors as well as in relation to total body posture – arms and legs stand in a precise angle to each other; one of the secrets of successful nude studies – he maintains a constantly playful orientation in the genre through mastery of the body’s architecture.

The omission of colors or lines, this balance in the character of the picture, is also easy for the artist, who expresses calm or vitality in the most varied ways. His success is determined through the observation of all inherent factors. And the nudes are successful.

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